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With millions of dogs suffering from all sorts of food-related health problems, we have made it our mission to create fresh food for all dogs.

About Us

When our Yorkshire Terrier Mika was 2 years old, she developed a severe stomach and body rash that took many visits to our veterinarian and many tests which eventually lead to the outcome of food allergies. Our vet recommended switching the food to a more "natural" brand. It was at that point, I decided to use my cooking, farming background and knowledge of allergy fighting foods which have been consumed by dogs and people for thousands of years with great success and nutritional value.

After many hours of researching, gathering information and choosing suppliers for the best fresh raw foods, we created a menu. Within a month we purchased all the necessary equipment and food
ingredients to make homemade dog food for Mika. We have continued this menu for 6 years.

Mika has been allergy free and healthier than ever. Our love and passion for Mika has driven us to produce the best nutritional food for all dogs through HolisticDogKitchen.com. We all can help in keeping a healthy life style by making the appropriate choice for our dogs and us.

Buying direct allows Holistic Dog Kitchen to cut out the unnecessary middle merchant who makes the prices go up and waters down the food quality to compensate for their commissions. Buying power allows Holistic Dog Kitchen to use the highest grade, fresh food materials available. When most companies shop around, they ask for the cheapest. When Holistic Dog Kitchen shops, we ask for the best.

When you order from Holistic Dog Kitchen.com. you deal directly with the real kitchen for custom food cooked to order. If you need detailed information or a volume price quote, just ask. We will provide you with the information you need to make a decision.
Before we ship a product, we make sure that it is clean and fresh. We test every food product by eating it ourselves. Providing safe, natural, healthy and fresh food is our commitment to you and your precious dog.

Our Mika and us
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Our Personal Guarantee
1. Every testimonial is a real letter from a real
Holistic Dog Kitchen customer. (original on file).

2. All Holistic Dog Kitchen products are made
with the best human grade food materials and
tested before shipping.

3. Our product are absolutely safe, effective,
and the best value for homemade dog food
on the market.

4. Holistic Dog Kitchen.com foods work the best
because they are the best!

Ernesto Ponce
Holistic Dog Kitchen
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