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You will find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions. Before sending an email, or
calling a representative, please check this list to see if your question has already been answered.
By doing a simple check up before calling or writing to support, you are contributing to very important factors in keeping our prices low.Thank your for your understanding and support

1. What is Holistic dog kitchen.com?
Holistic dog kitchen.com is a real kitchen designed to cooked "Homemade 100% Natural Dog Food"
for your dog.

Who can buy dog food from Holistic dog kitchen. com?
Any dog owner who wants to feed a natural homemade food and join our Monthly Food Plan.

Can I buy your dog food at a retail location?
No. We only sell direct to the dog owner. No stores or middle person.

Where are you located?
We cook from a private facility in the Ironbound, Newark, NJ. USA.

What type of dog food do you make?
Our dog food is freshly steam-cooked to order according to your dog food plan.
We packed your dog wet food in plastic containers approved by the FDA for peoples food.
We quick freeze and vacuum packed in a food saver freezer safe bag, to retain flavor, purity,
freshness, long life and to avoid food tampering.

Do I have to pay membership fees to buy from you?
Membership is free; you pay only for the food plan. We don’t nickel and dime members.

How do I pay for the dog food?
Our custom dog food can be purchased by members and pay thru pay pal payment system.
We do not ask for your credit card number to join now or ever. At the time to buy a food plan,
pay pal will process your payment and retain your financial information in a secure server.
You do not need a pay pal account to make payments. We recommended to open one for future
disputes, transactions and record keeping.

Can I pick up my dog food at your location?
No. We offer free delivery to you door by UPS or local delivery Person.

Can you ship out of the United States of America?
No. We only ship within the main land. See our shipping policies for more detail.

Where can I read about the ingredients, and how do I know what is in the food?
You can read about the ingredients in our Products Page, here. We are very clear about what is in
your dog food and display every product and amount per pound.We welcome anyone to bring
any of our dinners sealed and frozen for testing to an approved government or private food testing
facility. Please note that any testing is costly and will be pay by you.

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