Conditions of Purchase and Money Back Guarantee

All money back guarantees offered by HDK Dog Food are subject to a maximum period of 10 days, unless otherwise stated, from date of purchase. No refund claims outside of this period will be considered.

Can I return fresh dog food if I'm not satisfied?
No. Due to the nature of fresh food spoilage and local laws that govern the handling and return of fresh human or dog food, we can’t accept returns. Contact us for instructions on what to do with the item in question.

We take pride in the high quality of our fresh dog food cooked to order. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction every time. If you are dissatisfied with any item in your order, please contact us right away. We'll respond to you promptly by phone or email, whichever you prefer.

We offer the money back guarantee at our cost in good will and fully expect our customers to take the time to provide us with the necessary feedback if claiming against the guarantee.
We reserve the right to forfeit the guarantee if we suspect any abuse of our money back guarantee offer. Money can be returned only from our PayPal account to customer's Credit Card/PayPal account, registered in our system. No other form of payment will be implemented.

We provide a telephone number and contact form, located at the header and footer on this page.

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