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How often do you hear your friends saying, "Your dog looks so healthy, What do you feed him/her?

Spread your excitement. It is human nature that we share our excitement with other people around us.We understand this at Holistic Dog Kitchen and have provided a form on this page that you can use to tell your friends about our fine homemade fresh food full of tasteful and wholesome natural ingredients for your dog. We provide balanced meals that will make all dogs live a longer and healthier life.

Thank you so much for helping our mission to cook the best natural food for all dogs!

We respect your friend's privacy. We will only send an email invitation to your friend by your request to visit our site.

We respect your privacy and will not share your e-mail with any other merchants or mailing list.We will not send you junk mail.

When you tell a friend about us via email from this page, we do not enclose an unsubscribed link because recommending us does not put you or your friends on a mailing list. If you get an unsolicited email from someone unknown, please disregard it.

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