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From: Loretta D. Palazzola
Jacksonville Florida

Dear Holistic Dog kitchen,

I just wanted to send in a grateful thank you for your products and service. I would love to see this
letter published on your page, so other dog owners can share my experience with your wonderful
food for dogs.

We always have dogs of different breeds and sizes and feed then commercial dog food because
that’s what we all do when buy or adopt. With all honesty I can say that after so many recalls
of dog food, prices going up out of control and so many health problems with my 2 small dogs
I decided to search for an alternative to commercial processed dog food.

Reading the labels didn’t help me at all. It’s puzzling. Being a professional nurse I considered myself
well trained to understand the labels for which a person's life depends on. The pet product labels are
very confusing with a long list of ingredients with names that will make your head spin.

After a few hours searching online and reading Pet Blogs I learned that the Pet Food World was not
as honest as I believed. I discovered all the bad products that are put in dog food; that was enough
to panic and to continue a broader search for the truth. The horror stories of what really is in pet food where too many to disregard as internet lies.

During the Christmas season we travelled to New York City to visit my mother who is a proud
owner of a 1 year old Yorkie named “Trouble“. She looked so slim and healthy that it made me
wonder what my mom was feeding her. My mom said she was feeding her homemade food from, since she was 4 months of age. She said the food is fresh and natural
and she loves it. So we tried with some reservation thinking that the transition to another food
was going to make them have stomach issues, as they all tell you to make the switch slowly.

They gobbled up the food like never before, and no stomach problems occurred with the switch.
We spent 2 weeks in New York and they ate holistic dog kitchen natural food dinner every day
including the weekend breakfast. Within 3 days we began to a see more alert changes on both dogs.
My older one was overweight and within weeks went to his ideal weight.
My young mini pincher stopped going 4 to 5 times a day and the horrible stool smell stopped also.
Everyday they enjoyed your wonderful dinners, breakfasts and chayote vegetarian treats.

I am writing this testimonial to let you know my appreciation and to share something really good for
dogs owners and dogs who deserve a better meal.

Thanks and best wishes,
Loretta D. Palazzola
Jacksonville, Florida .USA.

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